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As citizen of the world, Doris lived in France, England and Belgium, studied comparative literature and business in Europe, USA and Asia, and has worked on four continents. She therefore naturally has a global perspective, an innovative approach to today’s business issues. Her role with top management teams is to challenge and trigger action.

Since 1987, she has been running a very successful business, with a prestigious network of experts, focusing on the challenges of global leadership, the difficulties of implementation, the vital need to be unique and innovative in a fast moving, unpredictable environment.

Her multi-industry experience is an asset resulting from her decision not to work with competing companies in the same sector.

Doris Bigio is Managing Director and founder of Doris Bigio Management Development launched in 1987. She is advising top Management teams of multinational organisations in Europe, concerning strategy, organisational transformation and management development.

Since 1991, she helped create and implement Nokia Mobile Phones’ and Nokia Networks’ ambitious global vision in Telecom.

She is working with Rockwool International (Insulation) in Denmark since 1990 designing and developing global management programs helping integrate their management teams, post acquisitions mainly in Eastern Europe.

She has been working extensively with Bang & Olufsen, Fazer, Cultor, Orion, VRG Burhmann, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, The Australian Institute of Directors, Gemplus, STMicroelectronics.


At the request of clients, and  to capitalise on her global business experience, her people skills , her passion and effectiveness in sharing ideas, Doris is focussing increasingly on key-note presentations and facilitation of leadership workshop as well as individual coaching.

Her key areas of interest are:

  • Organisation Transformation
  • Personal Development
  • Acting Our Way to Global Leadership
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Business Ethics

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