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Customised Solutions

No standard package... no instant solution... instead, an exclusive, individual approach to tailored development activities for top and senior managers. 

Our goal is to help top managers identify priorities, achieve objectives and focus on taking action that will bring results.

Track Record

Since 1987, Doris Bigio has built a reliable track record with multinational organisations throughout Europe, the US and the Far East. We have successfully helped a selected number of clients to challenge convention in management development.  Over 1,000 managers per year from 25 countries attend events and activities organised by us. These programmes are all customised to meet client specific needs and priorities.

Who We Are

Doris Bigio's Biography

Faculty Network

We have built a global network of some 160 top level faculty members comprised of leading academics as well as a number of senior level corporate practitioners. This combination offers guaranteed diversity, quality and relevance. Concentrating on European multinationals, who demand that globalisation is done in a structured way, specialised programmes offer concrete tools for executives facing the challenges of business in today's "global village".  

Dedicated Focus

We give personal attention to each and every project. Our access to the best faculty and our objectivity and belief in customised programmes ensures clients that they will work with the most appropriate and qualified resources.

Professional Associates

Although Doris Bigio Management Development works as an independent organisation, we have selected and often work with other management development experts as they provide excellence in areas that are unique and complementary to our own activities. 

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