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Doris Bigio Management Development has a network of some 160 faculty members around the world.  We work with the experts in each field of business and management – these experts may be drawn from the top business schools or they may be current or former corporate executives who are willing to share their extensive experience with our clients.

We work with people who offer original thinking and pragmatic, action-focused approaches as this combination is both stimulating and highly effective.

Selection of topics and faculty members who have featured in client projects:





Strategic Simulations





Rita McGrath

Robert Burgelman

Gary Hamel

Kathleen Eisenhardt

Rosabeth Moss-Kanter

Wee Chow Hou

Stephane Garelli

Gareth Chang

William Barnett

Mike Kami

Costas Markides

Gareth Chang

Annie Koh

Takeshi Mori

Wee Chow Hou

Tan Chin Tiong

Seiichiro Yonekura

François Calicis

Yves de la Court

Gilbert Eloy

Simon Lawson

Doris Bigio

Alain Haut

Rita McGrath

Joel Barker

Jim Loehr

Jagdish Parikh

Ben Zander

John Stanley

Chris Moon

Romilly Wallis-Hosken

Ron Lee

Jack Groppel

Meribeth Dayme

Tony Humphreys

Doris Bigio

Nigel Barlow

Mark Brown

Edward de Bono

Robert Burgelman

John Kao

Tony Buzan

The Future


Organisational Change


Negotiation/Cross Cultural Issues

Harry Dent

William Houston

Peter Schwartz

David Smith

Paul Saffo

William Ball

Annie Koh

Romilly Wallis-Hoskin

Merton Miller

Doris Bigio

Alain Haut

Craig Hickman

Ken Menella

Mark Thomas

Klaas de Kluis

David Guillebaut

Jordan Lewis

Doris Bigio

Alain Haut

Gavin Kennedy

Dean Foster

Lichia Saner Yiu



CEO Exchanges

Europe/EU Issues

Quality/ Benchmarking



Mark Thomas

Chris Parker

Top Level CEOs from Europe/Asia/US

David Smith

Hans Wrede

Nicolo Pignatelli

Greg Watson

Patrick Willot

Liam Fahey

Barton Goldenberg

Tan Chin Tiong

Paul Tiffany

Simon Lawson

Jeff Sampler

Rakesh Gandhi

Moses Ma


"Change your corporate attitude and philosophy from transactions to relationships. A transaction disappears once it's completed, a relationship lasts and leads to repeat business: over and over!"

Mike Kami

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