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MEGA Learning Aravis Alpine Retreats Interactive Dialogues

Although Doris Bigio Management Development works as an independent organisation, we have identified and sometimes work with other management development experts as they provide excellence in areas that are unique and complementary to our own activities. 

MEGA Learning International


World Class Simulations for Decision-Makers

Mega Learning focus on :

  • Creating the most advanced business simulations

  • Using simulations to help clients learn to make better business decisions 

There are a family of four simulations that cater to management needs at different  levels of the a client organisation.  Each simulation can be fully tailored to address individual client situations.   We will often combine a simulation with highly focused sessions that highlight issues important to a client.

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Aravis Alpine Retreats


  • Relaxed, informal, exclusive use venues
  • Less than one hour transfers
  • All meeting and business facilities
  • Excellent small group synergy
  • Optional sport/activity 'teambuild' energisers

You plan strategy, debate priorities, consolidate business friendships in the unique warmth of private retreats. Everything is facilitated.

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Interactive Dialogues


An Interactive Dialogue (ID) is a computer-based program that provides a highly effective two-way communications channel, either on-line or off-line. The interactive nature of an ID focuses attention and stimulates very high quality feedback from management, employees, clients, business partners and shareholders. This feedback is automatically analysed and instantly available at any time.

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