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Recent Programmes  
  • Top Management Conferences

  • Managing Strategic Change

  • Business in Asia

  • E-Business

  • Post-Acquisition Integration

  • Speed and Simplification

  • Business Simulations

  • Competitive Strategies

  • Management and Leadership

  • Action Workshops

  • Innovation and Creativity

  • Cross-cultural Action Workshops

  • Global Competitiveness Workshops

  • Annual events designed for the top Management team, evolving in function of priorities and business realities

Programmes are generally conducted in English and are held at locations of the client's choice in Europe, North America and Asia. See our Faculty Network page for a selected list of our 160+ faculty members.

Sample Project 1

"The Leadership Challenge" - A project for a client in the food sector (opens in a new window)

Sample Project 2

"Nokia 1992-2005 - Beyond Organisational and Regional Boundaries" - A project for a high-tech client (opens in Adobe Acrobat - zoom view to 150%)



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